Destigmatizing Hormone Therapy – Opt Health

Health Minute with Britt Conway, CNN:
Screening for cancers, blood work, and now testosterone testing. Some Doctor’s are recommending testing and treatment for low T.

Dr. Graham Simpson, medical director of Opt Health, says it’s time to destigmatize Hormone Therapy for men. “Hormones are really the juice of life. Once those start going down you don’t function as well, just like in women.”

Symptoms of low testosterone include low sex drive, fatigue, body and facial hair loss, and decreased muscle mass. Experts recommend men get checked, and for those who levels fall below the normal range, testosterone therapy may be beneficial.

Benefits may include:
– men have more vitality and energy
– sexual vitality improves
– muscle gain

The non profit, Men’s Health Network, recommends discussing symptoms with a doctor and asking for a blood test. Simpson agrees, and says it’s critical to have a medical professional work with you to find the right treatment.

“You just want to get it to the high normal. That’s where most of us function best. We are at our best mentally, physically, and emotionally.”