How Opt Health Is Protecting and Propelling Men Forward During The Pandemic

The insurgence of the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a greater awareness around health and wellness amongst us all.

During this time, increased attentiveness to one’s physical wellbeing has ushered in a wave of health discourse that has been conducted largely digitally. The need for platforms which not only educate but also facilitate proactive health measures has never been more necessary.

Seeing the rising wave of demand for online health resources and tools, breakthrough telehealth platform, Opt Health, has emerged to service this booming market. The Opt Health platform utilizes a centralized dashboard to track health goals, facilitate messaging with a user’s personal team of providers, and fill prescriptions. This set up is configured to “encourage men to proactively take charge of their health and wellness by getting the personalized medical attention, education and treatment they need to feel their best,” explains Co-Founder and CEO, Camilo Isaza.

Opt Health is a digital platform that guides men 35 and plus on how to take charge of their health to achieve a multitude of benefits, from bolstering immunity, combatting aging, and learning about the latest and most effective treatments.

According to Isaza: “Opt Health provides men a data-driven approach to identify the gap between their present state and their goals, and then provides them the complete medical team and proven methods to close this gap.” Indeed, Opt Health uses some of the best doctors in the men’s health space to treat its clients.

As a result, Opt Health has deftly responded to market demand with a product that not only educates, but empowers. It is becoming a crucial part of the path back towards societal well-being during the most threatening of times.

To learn more about Opt Health and begin the journey toward achieving your health goals, check out Opt Health’s membership options.