Member Spotlight — Camilo Isaza

Camilo Isaza

Q: How has the current pandemic altered your work/industry?

A: Opt Health is a telemedicine platform for preventive medicine, which we were working on until shelter in place began in California in mid-March. At that time, a physician friend asked if he could use our platform for his internal medicine practice, and specifically to pre-triage COVID-19 patients. We said yes and immediately he brought in 7 other internal medicine physicians that wanted to use it as well. After a couple of weeks of building and iterating, we had a brand new product, StreamMD, for the screening, testing, and treating of COVID-19 so that people can be cleared by a physician to get back to work quickly and safely. Now, StreamMD is available in 26 states and has been engaged by several industries. We are happy to share a special price for the Canopy community through October 31st.

On the Opt Health front, things are moving along nicely and we started accepting new clients a few weeks ago. More info about Opt Health can be found at

Q: Where do you see your company in the next 5 years?

A: The telemedicine industry is moving at an incredibly fast rate because the pandemic has led to heightened awareness around the convenience and efficacy of digital health. As we grow, we would like to expand into different industries and medical specialities, branching out from men’s health and COVID-specific platforms to internal and family medicine practices. What really separates our platform from others is our doctor UX, which was developed by our doctors with engineering and tech backgrounds. They focused on making it extremely intuitive so that it requires almost no training to onboard new physicians.

Q: What is the secret to staying sane during this period?

A: For me, it’s daily walking outside, along with catching up with family and friends. It’s important to stay active and connected during these times and it’s often too easy to go days or even weeks without actually hearing the voice of a loved one. It makes a big difference compared to just texting. Also, I cobbled together a few pieces of exercise equipment and built a little makeshift home gym in my apartment with a bench and set of adjustable Bowflex dumbbells, which has allowed me to stay moderately active during these times.

Another important concept for our entire team during shelter in place has been “alive time vs. dead time,” which is a concept from the author Robert Greene. Deadtime is complaining, feeling helpless, being unproductive, making excuses, etc., when things don’t seem to be going the way you planned. Alive time is making the most of every minute by looking for opportunities, ways to grow and improve yourself, and how you can contribute to others. We could have sat on our hands and felt bad for ourselves when we had to pause the launch of Opt Health (dead time), but instead, our team pulled together and launched an entirely new product in StreamMD (alive time).

Q: What are your curbside to-go favorites while restaurants aren’t fully operable?

A: I love going to Mo’s Grill on Grant Street, which is just a few blocks away from my apartment (and CANOPY Jackson Square) in North Beach. They have outside seating and do a great breakfast. We often team meals there and really enjoy their breakfast options.

Q: What are you most excited about when the world begins to open up again?

A: I am most excited about visiting my family and friends that are spread out across the country, traveling overseas, and enjoying a meal inside of a restaurant.