OPT Health Disrupts The Men’s Health Market Through Synthesis & Compression

OPT Health Disrupts The Men's Health Market Through Synthesis & Compression

More and more, today’s fastest growing startups are not only disrupting their industries by solving for market gaps, but also by developing turnkey solutions that synthesize today’s most pressing consumer needs.

A salient example can be found with the disruptive startup Opt Heatlh. Its founders- Camilo Isaza and Dr. John Tidwell– understood that the biggest consumer trigger points in men’s health were bespoke treatment (something which was previously privatized), convenience, efficiency, and reduced costs.

Seeing an alarming gap in the men’s health space- where doctor visits were not only inconvenient but pricey and decentralized, Isaza and Tidwell set out to build a centralized solution that could offer consumers a far better value proposition.

Through years of work, their development team created a digital telehealth platform that synthesizes all of the big ticket items for men and puts everything in one place in front of them.

OPT’s centralized dashboard assimilates all doctor visits; medical background history, lab results, provider messages, and prognosis performance charts so that their user always has his medical profile at his fingertips.

That’s just the start of the benefits conferred by OPT. Users have direct access to a cadre of the world’s top health professionals who can set up consultations and tailor regimens based off what medical records, lab results, and current health issues indicate for course of treatments.

The whole turnkey package is served for only a nominal subscription cost, rather than the sky high medical bills to which consumers are accustomed.

Financial market experts and our astutely trained journalists at Silicon Valley Magazine can agree that the OPT Health case study provides a classic example of disruption through synthesis and compression. Consumers have everything they need in one place, at a more efficient rate, and on a faster timetable than ever before.

Well done Opt Health. To learn more, please visit https://getopt.com/.