Welcome to the future of
Men’s Health


Welcome to the future of
Men’s Health


Here’s to feeling like you again.


Better Sex


Greater Strength


Improved Sleep


Sharpened Focus


Increased Longevity

Join the thousands of men already Optimized. Take control of your health so you can feel, look, and be your best.

How do you achieve Health Optimization?

It starts with professional testing & consultation

Men's health optimization is achieved through a combination of blood draws to understand your health, 1:1 physician consultations to keep you on track, and your personalized optimization program to get you feeling your best.

Next, Opt provides

Dr. Simpson explains how it works

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Opt Health programs operate in three simple steps. Measure. Mentor. Monitor. We will plot you on an illness to wellness scale, which is a collection of data points that gives a proprietary health score that can be monitored over time. We're then your go-to partner to set you on a course to Health Optimization and longevity.

How Opt Health works in 3 steps



  1. Create your profile. Opt Health is secure and HIPPA-compliant.
  2. Sign up to book your in-home nurse exam* or appointment with one of our local lab partners to complete your baseline blood draw.
  3. Attend your in-home nurse exam or appointment with one of our local lab partners. All results are private and sent directly to your Opt Health doctor.


  1. During your consultation, you and your doctor will discuss the results of your blood work & your health goals. Your doctor will deliver your Opt Health Performance Score that measures your overall health and wellness according to six categories of health.
  2. At this point, you can confirm an Opt membership plan (see below for plan details) and begin your doctor’s recommended optimization protocol customized to you.
  3. Any prescribed medications will arrive discreetly at your doorstep in 2-3 business days.


  1. Link your wearable devices to your Opt Health Dashboard to see your Opt Health Performance Score improve over time.
  2. Receive follow-up labs to track your biomarkers regularly.
  3. Attend your follow-up consultations with your doctor, where you will receive recommendations to recalibrate your optimization protocol.

Join the next cohort of Opt Men!

I decided to try Opt Health's telemedicine platform a couple of months ago and so far my experience has been nothing short of fantastic. Both the initial intake questionnaire and physical exam (including blood work) were thorough and comprehensive yet very convenient and easy. After my lab results were ready, I had my video call consultation with Dr. Simpson. Dr. Simpson is a pioneer in the optimization of men's health and his knowledge and experience was very apparent. During our call we reviewed my intake questionnaire, physical exam and lab results and, based on all of this, Dr. Simpson created a tailor made plan for me. He suggested 3 supplements all of which were quickly delivered to me in discreet and high-end packaging. I've now been taking the supplements for about a month and I'm feeling great. And, much to my surprise, some nagging tendonitis seems to be spontaneously improving as well. If you're interested in taking care of yourself, maximizing your physical potential and feeling great, I'd definitely recommend giving Opt Health a try.
Steve G.
from Los Angeles
I have been involved in competitive athletics over 50 years competing at an elite level in Rowing and Cycling. I have always had a structured training plan and great coaches and mentors. I now enjoy sports more recreationally but still try to train in a disciplined manner. With age my performance seems to be slipping. I have been using Opt Health for a few months now to be more systematic in my nutrition and health. Since working with Dr. Simpson I feel my performance steadily improving. Every once in a while I even show the young guy I still have it...
Don S.
from Los Angeles
Having been a competitive athlete most of my life, I know being healthy is very important. Since working with the Opt Health team, they’ve helped set me up on a program personalized to my needs and goals. The medical staff are very knowledgeable towards athletes’ needs and concerns and are easily accessible through the telemedicine format which is available 24/7. I would highly recommend Opt Health to any serious athlete or anyone who’s interested men’s health.
Jim W.
from Los Angeles
Such a great experience with Opt Health. The telemedicine platform and dashboard makes it super easy to use and engage with. Always on the quest to living a better, healthier life my Opt doctor found areas I could improve and came up with a plan to help get me there. Would absolutely recommend.
Mat R.
from San Francisco
What an incredible experience working with Opt Health. As I move into my 40s, this has been a learning journey for me on how I can hone my mind, body and soul toward health and wellness. The medical staff was professional and friendly, the app helped me understand my deficiencies in easy, digestible information, and the supplements have me feeling and performing my best! Thanks to Opt Health I’m not slowing down this decade!!
Eric W.
from Los Angeles
Opt Health is fantastic. I've been a member of their program for going on three months now and I am already feeling the difference. I've had several telemedicine conferences with Dr. Simpson and he has been great about analyzing my blood work and giving me steps to improve my health. He even walked me through the process of administering the testosterone injections on myself. For a layman, this process seems daunting, but after now doing it 7+ times it seems like second nature. Thanks to Opt Health and Dr. Simpson especially for making me feel better than I have in years.
Hypogonadism medicine
Alder D.
from San Diego
Before Opt Health I was tired and could barely make it through 12 noon before needing a nap. I lacked energy and motivation. Since being with Opt Health for the last few months, my energy has increased, I no longer nap, I’m more present and available for my wife and children, and my overall attitude and demeanor has changed. Opt helped with my thyroid, vitamin deficiencies, and testosterone.
Ryan R.
from Los Angeles

Meet our world class medical team

Opt Health only works with elite doctors specializing in men’s health.

Graham Simpson, MD

Co-Medical Director

John Tidwell, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Ranjith Ramasamy, MD

Medical Advisor

Jeremie Walker, MD, MBA

Opt Physician

A plan that's personalized for you

All plans include access to our world-class team of physicians.

* In-home nurse exams are currently available in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Phoenix, Las Vegas, NYC, San Diego and the surrounding areas. Other patients may visit our local lab partners for bloodwork.

Personalized Health Plan
after $195 intake fee
  • Monthly charges don’t occur until you confirm your personalized membership plan
  • No long term obligations
  • Payments are withdrawn monthly, on the date of confirmation

Born in USA

All Opt Health prescriptions are manufactured in the USA at state-of-the-art, fully licensed compounding facilities with the strictest commitment to quality assurance.