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Whether taking your health and fitness to the next level or recovering from decades of service, our physicians have experience working 1:1 with current law enforcement and retired military members to achieve their health goals. Our process is to understand what has shaped your health, including your unique background, current situation, medical exam results, and goals for the future. Opt Health is your partner in achieving those health goals, and getting you physically and mentally back to where you were while in the service.


It starts with professional testing and monitoring

Health optimization is achieved through a combination of blood work to understand your health, a personalized treatment plan to get you feeling your best, wearable device integrations & 1:1 physician consultations to monitor and keep you on track.


Discounted rates for all military veterans and first responders

All memberships include access to our world-class team of physicians. As a thank you for your service to our country and communities, we will be offering you 50% off your initial blood labs and consultation as well as 30% off the monthly membership fees.

Here for your male needs

From testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) to erectile dysfunction, hair loss, peptides, and finding ways to live a longer, more healthy life, Opt Physicians are here to partner with you on your health goals. Once signed up, discuss with your physician what’s covered in your plan


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Hear from other retired servicemen that changed their lives through the power of Opt Health. Like you, these men have pushed their minds and bodies to the limit, their progress is inspiring and transformational.

I'm a 51 year old retired SEAL and I am still incredibly active as well as passionate about health and nutrition. As a result of 27 years in the Teams, my body has taken an immense amount of abuse as a result of both physical challenges and environmental stressors. This, over time, led to different health issues that needed to be addressed to ensure an increased health span. Opt Health dives deep into the root causes especially as it applies to metabolic health. I cannot recommend Opt Health strongly enpugh for veterans, first responders or anyone else who is not satisfied with the current state of medicine. I can say with certainty Opt has significantly contributed to my health and well.being and most-likely saved my life. I will be forever grateful to them.

Jason T, 52

Verified user

Opt is a very professional operation with engaged, knowledgeable doctors and staff. The initial comprehensive health evaluation makes Opt a standout provider.It sets a baseline for tracking progress. Their follow-up keeps clients on track and motivated to achieve the progress. Slow, steady weight loss, along with strength and energy gains, have been very welcome. My birth certificate says I am 66. My body and attitude feels more like <40. The only downside: spending $$ on new, smaller suits, pants, and shirts. I'll take it. Thanks Opt.

Patrick M

Verified user

Opt Health quite possibly saved my life. I thought I was living a relatively healthy lifestyle, I'm active, I spend a lot of time outside, working out, spearfishing, and surfing, but I wasn't performing to the optimal level I expected of myself. What I didn't know is that there were several underlying medical issues that my primary care Dr was missing in my blood work. With Opt Health I receive customized support and supplement delivery to support my individual optimized health requirements. I also get regular blood work done so my program is constantly being updated. Now my sleep is better, my health is better, and I'm performing at a whole new level. One size doesn't fit all, but one stop a opt is definitely worth your time. It could save your life!

Will B

Verified user

A great experience. Had my labs and exam done in the comfort of my home. The nurse was professional and explained the purpose for each part of the exam. I had my results two days later and spoke with a doctor the day after that. The video platform worked well which I was worried about before we connected. The doctor and I talked through each part of my health, from my diet and exercise routines to each metric of my blood test. It as unlike any conversation I've had with a doctor before and end extremely insightful. I learned a ton about my health and now have benchmarks to keep track of. 5/5 experience that I'll be continuing.

Thomas C

Verified user

I'm finally getting back to feeling as good as I did when I was in my prime as a Navy SEAL in a few months. I have lost thirty pounds; I can keep up with my kids again, and Dr Simpson identified a health condition that was quickly ending my life. Everything has been positive for me; I get along better with y wife, I sleep much better, and I am able to concentrate and work much more efficiently. I am enjoying my life a lot more now and I recommend the program for anyone that is wanting to get back to feeling like themselves again. I wish I had found this program years ago.

Santos T

Verified user

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