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When you work with Opt Health, you’ll have access to personal healthcare solutions with a world-class medical team. Using a technology-forward platform, we provide you the freedom to reconnect with your health, wellness, strength, and sexual vitality.

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Opt Health programs operate in three simple steps. Measure. Mentor. Monitor. We're your go-to partner to set you on a course to achieve your health goals.


Sign up to book your in-home nurse exam* or appointment with one of our local lab partners to complete your baseline blood draw. Opt Health is secure and HIPPA-compliant.

Attend your in-home nurse exam or appointment with one of our local lab partners. All results are private and sent directly to your Opt Health doctor.


Meet your physician to discuss the results of your blood work & your health goals. Align with your doctor’s recommended optimization protocol customized to you.

Prescribed medications arrive discreetly at your doorstep in 5-7 business days.


Link your wearable devices to your Opt Health Dashboard to monitor your performance score over time.

Attend your follow-up consultations with your doctor every 3 or 6-months, discuss your results, and make adjustments to hit your ongoing health goals.

* In-home nurse exams are currently available in the Los Angeles Area, San Francisco Bay Area, San Diego County, NYC and the surrounding areas. Other patients may visit our local lab partners for bloodwork.

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