Client Spotlight: Santos, 50

Santos is a former member of the Navy SEALs who retired early due to back pain. Despite multiple surgeries, the pain persisted, and he began researching alternative solutions. That’s when he discovered Opt Health, a men’s telemedicine platform that focuses on improving overall health and wellness.

According to Santos, Opt Health has significantly impacted his life. He was able to lose weight, improve his health, and eliminate his back pain. Keep reading to learn more about Santos’s story and his results with Opt Health. 

Client Results:

  • Lost 35 pounds
  • Eliminated chronic back pain
  • Improved sleep
  • More energy
  • Improved cognition
  • Better relationship with family

Santos is a 50-year-old former Navy SEAL who has worked in the private sector as a consultant, helping businesses with technology development and product innovation. He also provides training assistance to the SEAL team as a contractor and runs a rugby club focusing on leadership development and rugby training for young men. 

Santos experienced back pain for over 12 years and could not find relief through various treatments, including two back surgeries. His back issues eventually forced him to retire early from the SEALs. Santos felt like he was letting his teammates down and failing to achieve his full potential. 

Santos also struggled to maintain a healthy weight despite trying various diets. Additionally, he experienced cognitive decline and brain fog, which he initially attributed to aging. 

After talking to a colleague who recommended Opt Health, Santos met with Opt Health’s Dr. Simpson and underwent testing. Santos had a wake-up call when he saw the results of his lab tests and realized that his health was in poor condition. “My wife, who’s a nurse, when she found out where my labs were, she started crying,” he says. 

Santos was at risk of a heart attack due to high stress levels and high triglycerides. After talking to Dr. Simpson, Santos was put on a strict ketogenic diet to address inflammation caused by certain foods. After following the diet for a week and a half, Santos’s back pain disappeared. He attributes the pain relief to reduced inflammation thanks to his diet. 

Since beginning work with Opt Health, Santos has gained a better understanding of the relationship between inflammation in his body and his diet. At Dr. Simpson’s suggestion, he started using a Keto Mojo device to monitor his ketone and glucose levels to determine how certain foods and activities affect his body. Santos has found that as long as his ketone and glucose indicator number is below 25, he does not experience back pain. He also discovered that certain foods, such as alcohol and sugar, can increase his indicator number and cause back pain. Santos has used this information to balance his diet and maintain a healthy weight while enjoying occasional treats like tortillas and bread. 

Santos underwent testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) under the supervision of his Opt Health physician. Testosterone therapy improved Santos’s metabolism, memory, sleep, and overall function. It also helped with mental clarity and reduced feelings of frustration. In addition, Santos felt that TRT made him more patient and generous. With other supplements and a balanced lifestyle, TRT helped Santos lose 35 pounds and improve his physical and mental performance. 

Santos also has experienced improvements in his consulting business and personal relationships since beginning treatment with Opt Health. He feels more confident at work (which leads to better performance) and has more energy to spend with his wife and active adult sons. 

Santos’s experience with Opt Health is not unique. Opt Health has already helped hundreds of men to optimize their health. Opt Health takes a holistic approach to health and wellness, using 60+ biomarkers to assess each client’s health and create a completely personalized optimization protocol. Click here to get started, or call (855) 443-8678 for a free consultation. 

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