5 Ways We Are Aging Better Than Before | Aging Better

Gone are the days when people dread the word aging. No, it does not mean people have stopped aging, but we are aging better than the previous generations.

Different Ways People Are Aging Better Now

With the upsurge of breakthroughs in medicine and technology, aging is no longer a worrisome topic. The remarkable developments in the field of science make aging better than the generations that have gone before. Studies further show that people live longer lives these days, and the wear and tear shown in the body’s cells appear to be slowing down in most cases.

You can even notice that people who are in their 50s or even 60s look younger now compared to how our grandparents looked back then in their 60s. Some decades back, when you reach the age of 60, you’re most likely just to be staying at home and do light chores at home. Those in their 60s and even 70s can still report for work and are still as productive as their younger colleagues.

Here are some points to prove that people are remarkably aging better now than in days of yore:

People Are More Active and Fitness Enthusiasts

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Although the environment was much cleaner and fresher back in our ancestors’ days, we still have to admit that people are more conscious about the physical state of their bodies these days.

More and more people are into body-fitness drives, including going to the gym, engaging in different kinds of sports, joining dance classes, or just merely following an active daily routine to be fit.

Back in the day, fitness gyms were an unfamiliar ground for most people. Only a few can afford to enroll in their fitness programs. Today, you can find fitness gyms almost everywhere. People are aging better because we already have easy access to activities that could make us fit and healthy.

People Are Turning Away from Vices

While smoking and drinking are still very much present, especially in friends’ get-together events, there’s still a significant decrease in smoking rates among the generation nowadays.

The younger generation tends to choose to go to the gym to exercise over smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol whenever they are stressed. During the old times, our ancestors had few options to de-stress. Most often than not, they chose to smoke or drink with friends to ease their troubles away and clear their minds.

People Are More Health-Conscious

Yes, our generation is more prone to obesity, heart ailments, and cancer due to the processed foods we are consuming today, but more and more people are becoming more mindful of what they are eating. There are a lot of healthy meal options available for everyone and for every diet.

You can opt to do the vegetarian diet, low-carbohydrate, pescatarian diet, or even a gluten-free diet. Although many people are still fond of fast-food restaurants, a good number of those opting to follow the healthy meal options are also increasing. Hence, people are said to be aging better because they now know what food to eat for a healthier, longer life.

Access to Reparative and Regenerative Medicines

Reparative medicine is the process of creating living and functional tissues in order to repair or replace tissues and organs lost because of old age, damage, congenital effects, and disease. It is the same with regenerative medicine wherein the main goal is to replace or regenerate human cells, tissues, and organs and restore it so they could function normally again.

Back then, people deal with their joint conditions by undergoing surgery or pain management. Nowadays, joint issues can be fixed through reparative injection medicines that can provide longer-term solutions and are less invasive than surgical procedures.

For those with advanced joint cases, they can undergo a reparative surgical procedure to replace the broken bones or organs. Thus, old folks don’t have to suffer from painful bone problems or try to give it temporary relief by using liniments or oils. They won’t be stuck in a wheelchair or crutches, too, because problem bones can now be replaced through reparative medicine.

More Comfortable and Convenient Lifestyle

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People are aging better now because of the easy access to a more comfortable and convenient way of living. The surge of the latest technological developments makes it easier for people to move around and do things at home or even in the workplace.

If you want to cook, there’s are easy-to-use kitchen appliances for that. Even cleaning the house is way easier to manage now than before. Boredom among older people is no longer an issue through the development of modern electronic equipment such as Smart TV, gadgets, etc., that they can use to keep them entertained and busy their minds. Hence, there’s a decrease in Alzheimer’s and dementia cases nowadays because the mind has become busier than ever before.

Problems with the teeth can be fixed with the latest dental technology, so you won’t have to worry about losing your teeth as you age. There are also many skin repair products and technology to aid in skin protection and repair. Indeed, life is more comfortable and convenient now than during the early times of our grandparents.

Suffice it to say that through the developments in the field of Medical Science and modern technology, plus the individual awareness and mindfulness to health and fitness, people are aging better now than before. That is a good indication that the world is evolving and developing, and we are not just stuck to old habits and conditions.

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