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Opt Health utilizes epigenetic testing to understand your pace of aging and develop precision therapies to slow down or reverse biological aging.

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What Is Epigenetic Testing?

Epigenetic testing is a revolutionary scientific method that explores the changes in gene activity, shedding light on how our lifestyle and environment impact our biological age—the underlying determinant of the aging process.

By decoding these epigenetic patterns, we gain invaluable insights into our body's unique aging trajectory, empowering us to make informed choices for a healthier and more vibrant future.

Why Epigenetic Testing Matters

Health Optimization

Epigenetic testing provides personalized insights into how your lifestyle and environment affect your gene activity, allowing you to make educated decisions about your health.

Aging Analysis

Epigenetic testing can assess your biological age, which provides a more accurate reflection of your overall health and longevity potential than chronological age.

Disease Risk Management

Epigenetic testing can uncover potential risk factors for various diseases, including cancer, informing targeted preventive strategies.

Epigenetic Testing Uncovers the Blueprint to Defying Aging

Nothing is more precious nor valuable than time. Time to spend with your loved ones, time to work on your passion projects, time for fun. Epigenetic testing assesses the methylation levels of your DNA to calculate your biological age compared to your chronological age. Your biological age reveals how well your cells function and how “old” you truly are. Thus, biological age can hold the secret to longevity. Working with Opt Health can help you understand what lifestyle changes are required to lead a longer, more productive life.

Who Should Get Tested?

Epigenetic testing is a must for men seeking to take charge of their health and optimize their well-being:

Health-conscious individuals
Athletes pushing their limits
Anyone curious about their pace of aging

Epigenetic testing empowers you with the personalized knowledge to make proactive choices that can unlock your full potential for vitality and longevity.

How Are Epigenetic Aging Tests Different?

Unlike other tests, epigenetic testing goes beyond mere snapshots of traditional blood tests, providing a dynamic understanding of how your genes interact with your lifestyle choices and offering unparalleled reliability in predicting your biological age and potential health outcomes.

Epigenetic Reversal

We can’t change our chronological age, but we can lower our biological age through:

Disease Risk Management
Intermittent fasting
Regular exercise

Opt Health can coach you through the process of epigenetic reversal.

Our Epigenetic Testing Process

Opt Health offers epigenetic therapy as part of our premium longevity plans. By analyzing the chemical modifications to your DNA, we can identify areas of your genome that may be more or less susceptible to aging. Then, we use this information to craft a customized Optimization Protocol tailored entirely to your needs.

Initial labs covering 70+ biomarkers
Initial physician consult & treatment plan
Follow-up labs with physician consults quarterly
Access to a la carte biologics & nutraceuticals
Increase energy & lean muscle mass
Reduced likelihood of chronic disease
Dynamic Opt Performance Score
Supplements & micronutrients
HIPAA-compliant communication
Reverse biological age & slow aging
Epigenetic testing to determine your biological age & pace of aging

Don't leave your health to chance

join the movement and discover the power of epigenetic testing with Opt Health.

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Epigenetic Testing FAQs

Are epigenetic tests worth it?

Epigenetic tests are worth it for anyone invested in their long-term health and well-being. They offer invaluable insights into your biological age, disease risk, and personalized lifestyle recommendations, empowering you to make informed choices and take proactive steps to optimize your health, maximize vitality, and extend your lifespan. Investing in an epigenetic test can yield lifelong benefits by providing a roadmap for a healthier, more vibrant future.

What are three epigenetic markers?

Three powerful epigenetic markers that hold the key to understanding our genetic destiny are DNA methylation, histone modifications, and non-coding RNA molecules. By unraveling these epigenetic signatures, we gain profound insights into gene expression, aging processes, disease susceptibility, and the intricate interplay between our environment and genes.

How much does an epigenetic test cost?

Epigenetic test costs can vary depending on the provider and the specific package or level of analysis chosen. But, while prices can range, investing in your long-term health and well-being through an epigenetic test is a priceless opportunity to unlock personalized insights into your genetic destiny, making it a valuable investment in optimizing your vitality and potentially extending your lifespan.

What is the best epigenetic test?

Choosing the best epigenetic test depends on your specific needs and goals. At Opt Health, we offer cutting-edge epigenetic testing using DunedinPACE, which provides accurate predictions of biological age based on cellular methylation levels. 

What are some examples of epigenetics in action?

Epigenetics plays a crucial role in the development and progression of cancer and infections. Aberrant epigenetic modifications can lead to the activation or silencing of genes involved in cell growth, proliferation, and immune response. Environmental factors such as diet and stress can induce epigenetic changes that influence disease susceptibility.

More Than Epigenetic Testing

Our vitality doctors specialize in longevity medicine and men’s health. We help with lots of issues, including ED, anti-aging, and insulin resistance.

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