Have You Lost Your Edge? How to Feel Better Again

People go through difficult phases in life that shake up their confidence and motivation. Read on to learn how to feel better and get your edge back.

Healthy Ways to Pick Yourself Up and Feel Better 

Meet John. John is a regular guy with a fine job. He’s family-oriented and sociable, with generally a positive outlook in life. John enjoys going on trips, eating out in the evenings, and working out because he knows how important his health is, and sure, he likes having an admirable physique.

One day, the food tasted stale; the jokes did not seem funny anymore, and going out with friends felt like a drag. He goes home and sees himself enclosed in a familiar space, but darker. No, this is not a horror story. This is the world perceived by someone in a negative emotional state. Anyone can feel down at some point.

Several events may trigger negative feelings. It might be something that someone said, a matter that happened at work, fight with your wife, or a financial snag. Sometimes it is not one big event that blows up our core and brings our self-esteem down. It is often a series of consecutive unfortunate events and the last straw that causes the tipping point.

Most people do not get out of the deep dark hole of emptiness and negative feelings; they just learn to live with it. It is overwhelming to deal with it, especially when you have responsibilities lined up before you. While one can dwell on negative feelings, it will come to a point where you just have to pick yourself up.

Listed below are simple, but effective steps that may help you (and John) feel better again:

Get Enough Rest and Sleep

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We know too well what happens when one does not get enough sleep– mood swings decreased alertness, and trouble in concentration. Sleep affects several aspects of the body, including stress hormones, appetite, cardiovascular health, blood pressure, and breathing. Having enough quality rest is an instant way to make you feel better as it allows the mind to take rest and recharge. Make sure to get at least seven to eight hours of sleep at night or take a nap when you need to. Having enough rest may not directly solve your problems, but it could give you a better perspective on things.

Treat Yourself with Delicious Food

People get all moody when hungry, and there’s a scientific reason why. According to a study, a drop in glucose level, hypoglycemia, can have a lasting impact on mood.

You may instantly feel better after treating yourself with your favorite food. However, this comes with a caution. Occasionally using food to make yourself feel better may be harmless as long as you do not depend on food to mask emotional issues. Overeating may make you feel better at the moment, but it could lead to worsened feelings afterward.

Cut Back on Alcohol

It is very tempting to turn into alcohol to numb negative feelings at times when everything does not seem to go well. However, accessible alcohol is, you might want to think twice before taking that first sip.

Several studies have shown the correlation between alcohol and increased depressive symptoms. Frequently, alcohol use disorder co-occurs and is associated with greater severity of depression. Just like emotional eating, alcohol consumption may be just a band-aid solution.

Get into Physical Activities

Want an instant pick me up? Doing a few minutes of physical activities may make you feel better. Exercise is a proven way to increase serotonin in the brain, a happy neurotransmitter associated with happiness and mood regulation. People who work out regularly are reported to have a more positive outlook about themselves, sharper memories, better sleep at night, and feel more relaxed.

You do not have to go to the gym to be physically active and reap the exercise benefits. There are a plethora of home workout tutorials that are readily available online. You may also release your pent up negative feeling through sports and running. If time is a concern, you may take little walks in between breaks. Even little movements add up.

Be Your Own Friend

Treat yourself the way you would treat your friend during difficult times. Try not to dwell too much on your shortcomings or mistakes. Instead, look at yourself in the mirror, and focus on your strengths, remind yourself of your goals and give yourself empowering words for the next few weeks. There are times when you have to pat yourself on the back when no one else does. After all, you are the one who knows yourself well.

Exhibit Generosity

We know that it tends to be more challenging to give when you do not feel your best. But giving back ironically can make you feel better.

Perhaps the saying, “It’s better to give than to receive.” does make sense. Giving back has proven to give happiness and can make you feel better. This is according to a study stating that giving makes people happier than receiving. Make random generous efforts by donating things you do not use, pledging, or merely giving a hand to someone in your little way. You might feel better while being of help to someone.

Talk it Out

a man is sharing with the therapist | Talk it Out | Have You Lost Your Edge? How to Feel Better Again

Talk therapy could be an effective way to make you feel better without being concerned about anyone’s judgment. Talk therapy involves you talking while a trained counselor or therapist listens and addresses your problems. This can be conducted in person or through video calls, mobile applications, or phone calls.

Two of the most common types of talk therapy is cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) that helps manage your problems by becoming more aware of your thoughts and behavior patterns. The second one is interpersonal therapy, which tackles the issues related to relationships with family, partner, and friends.

Everyone goes through highs and lows, and it is entirely reasonable to feel helpless sometimes. However, recognizing and accepting a low point in your life is the first step to feel better. Self-recovery does not happen instantly, and remember, you can always ask for support.

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