Can AI Fitness Gadgets Improve Your Workout?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) fitness gadgets have become a game-changer in the fitness world. Wondering if it is time to take your workouts to the next level? Read on to find out how AI technology could help you accomplish and maintain your health goals.

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The Advent of AI in Fitness

Since it was first coined in 1955, artificial intelligence has been an emerging technology incorporated in various aspects of human life. Practically a machine made to stimulate intelligence features such as solving problems, general language capacity, self-improvement, ability to determine and measure the complexity of a problem, and concept formation is considered artificial intelligence.

In health and fitness, AI or smart technology has encouraged people to be more health-conscious. This technology featured in mobile apps, smartwatches, smart cups for hydration, posture checker, and many others has helped track activity, nutrition, and sleep through collected data to suggest what to do next.

Traditionally, these tasks could be done with the assistance of a fitness coach at the gym. However, with the modernizing fitness industry and the state of affairs brought about by the current pandemic, home workouts have shown to be a more viable coping strategy and alternative to gym routines.

Furthermore, a survey among Americans by Freeletics has shown that 64% are more interested in home-fitness options and strategies than they ever were before. This paves the way for AI technologies to overtake the fitness industry. AI home fitness machines such as Fitbod and Aaptiv Coach have virtually replaced personal trainers with the added convenience of being able to work out at your own time.


Ways AI Fitness Gadgets Improve Your Workouts


Personalized Programs

Every individual has a specific body type and goals in mind when starting their fitness journey. With AI fitness gadgets, your workouts are specially tailored to fit the goals you have in mind. Whether you are aiming to lose body fat or get lean and toned muscles, these technologies help you achieve just that based on the data you input, such as your height and weight, as well as the initial assessment on your first workout

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Exercise Anywhere

Yes, getting fit and healthy isn’t limited to the four corners of the gym anymore. As long as you have a strong internet connection and a smartphone, you can start a guided workout almost anywhere and later on, get an insight into your performance so you can adjust your goals.


Personalized Diet Charts

Food and nutrition are highly significant when it comes to achieving a healthier body. According to the U.S Department of Health & Human Services data in 2017, usual American diets exceed the recommended calorie intake from fats, added sugars, sodium, and refined grains. This makes it more challenging to attain your body goal.

AI Fitness Coaches such as infiGro offer a workout plan and track nutrition based on the required information provided. This provides a more holistic approach to fitness. After all, you can’t over-exercise to make up for a lousy diet.


Fitness Tracker

Whether or not you like data and reports of your workout sessions, having an objective insight on your performance can help you monitor your progress and make necessary modifications along the way. AI-powered fitness gadgets also help create a personalized workout calendar based on your stamina and ability.

Google Fit is an excellent example of a health-tracking platform. This tracker is developed by Google for operating systems including Android, Wear OS, and Apple IOS. With Google fit, you can monitor steps, duration, and workout history for activities such as walks, runs, bike rides, and more.

AI-powered fitness gadgets also help create a personalized workout calendar based on your stamina and ability.

Here are some of the best wearable fitness trackers for your fitness needs:


AI Fitness Coach 

Unlike the fitness gadgets available in the market, AI-infused fitness gadgets give you insight into the activity you have done and tell you what you should be doing next.

Aside from the AI coach technologies mentioned above, some features assist your posture during workouts to have less risk of injury–like how a personal trainer would. Kaia Personal trainer does this well using an app that has a 16 point system to track the physical activity and compare it with the right angles, positions, posture, and movement.




AI Fitness gadgets have come a long way in making life much more convenient in maintaining one’s health. In the modern-day, where most people rely on technology for ease, AI-powered gadgets may just be a scientific, state-of-the-art solution when human interaction is not a viable option.


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