Opt Health in Men’s Health

opt health in men's health magazine

Men’s Health featured Opt Health in its March issue. The article features a round-up of the best online testosterone therapy providers. The author, Andrew Zaleski, emphasized Opt’s focus on longevity medicine rather than just testosterone therapy. “We’re very focused on reversing biological age,” Dr. Graham Simpson told Men’s Health. “We look at nutrition, we look at exercise, we look at hormones, we look at stress, we look at sleep. We look at many, many things that optimize men’s health.”

Of course, not every Opt client undergoes TRT. “Testosterone is a big part of our business,” Dr. Jeremie Walker told the magazine. “But I actually have guys that are not on testosterone. We’re focused on lifestyle optimizations.”

The article also describes our dashboard, which helps clients to track their progress, side effects, symptoms, and biological age (as opposed to your chronological age – the age on your driver’s license).

Check out the whole article in the March 2023 issue of Men’s Health, now on newsstands.

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