How Does BHRT Help with Weight Loss?

During 2020, Americans spent more than $70 Billion pursuing weight loss, which was actually down from 2019 due to the pandemic. That’s seventy Billion, with a ‘B’. Clearly, weight management is a priority for us! But why does this amount continues to increase throughout the years? With that much effort and expense, shouldn’t there come a time when we are all finally fit and lean once and for all? The answer is simple: many of the weight loss regimens out there simply don’t work – or don’t sustain the results even if they do produce them. Fad diets, dangerous laxatives and diuretics, and chemical tricks on your metabolism may produce some results in the short term, but none can replace true health, as proven by the ongoing escalation of expenditures on these products. The overall failure of the “diet industry” has left many disillusioned and hopeful for new, better options. And many are turning to bioidentical hormone replacement therapy or BHRT for short.

Hormones 101

Hormones are like messengers, traveling through our systems via the bloodstream to stimulate specific cells or tissues into some desired action. By this function, they help control how cells and organs to their various work. Many people do not realize that their hormones are out of balance until some symptom appears. So consult with a doctor to evaluate your hormonal composition and to identify any issues. Your doctor may perform blood, saliva, or urine test to assess your profile and find any problems.

What is BHRT?

A man having a health consulting with doctor | How Does BHRT Help with Weight Loss? Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT), sometimes called Natural Hormone Therapy, is the introduction into the body of hormones that are identical on a molecular level to endogenous hormones, (those hormones that are naturally occurring in our bodies). BHRT is different from its predecessor, non-bioidentical hormone therapy. So if you are reading up on the subject, be sure to point your research specifically at the newer bioidentical therapies.

Weight Management & Hormones

For patients experiencing a hormone imbalance simultaneous with weight gain, it is possible that the imbalance is the cause. To test this, your doctor can re-balance or replace the deficient hormones with bioidentical ones that are molecularly exact copies of your natural hormones. Within this framework, treatments must still be customized to the individual patient. Your doctor can say which hormones might benefit your weight loss goal. In women, estrogen is a hormone often used in BHRT treatments aimed at weight reduction. In men, testosterone or HGH (human growth hormone) may shed the pounds best. Not all weight gain is caused by a hormone imbalance (and therefore cannot be treated with BHRT), so a hormone evaluation with your doctor is important. If you have questions about bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, weight loss, or any of the conditions discussed here, connecting with a doctor in a discrete setting has never been easier. Opt Health is a telehealth platform that reconnects men with wellness, fitness, strength, and sexual vitality through scientific preventive medicine. From your own home, you can schedule with a physician, meet one-on-one via video conference, receive test results, and have medications delivered to your door. For questions, inquiries, or appointments, don’t hesitate to contact us. Get personalized support and insight from top-tier physicians available 24/7.

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