Cabergoline: Is It Good For Sexual Health?

Cabergoline: Uses, Dosage, and Side Effects

What is Cabergoline?

Men reading Cabergoline description | What is Cabergoline? | Cabergoline: Is It Good For Sexual Health?


Cabergoline is an ergot medication used to treat high levels of prolactin in the body. It belongs to a group of drugs called synthetic dopamine agonists.

Dopamine is a hormone and a neurotransmitter that regulates the body from releasing prolactin. Through binding with dopamine receptors, cabergoline works by inhibiting prolactin production.


Prolactin is a hormone produced primarily in the pituitary gland. Also known as lactotropin, prolactin functions by enabling mammals, especially females, to produce milk. Besides its role in lactation, prolactin also plays a role in body functions such as influencing behavior and regulating the immune system.

Excess prolactin in men may lead to symptoms such as:

High levels of prolactin in the blood are referred to as hyperprolactinemia. In women, high levels of prolactin can cause symptoms such as irregular periods, unwanted breast milk, infertility, and breast tenderness.


Cabergoline is taken by mouth with or without food.

The dosage depends on your medical status and response to treatment. Typically, your doctor may prescribe a low dose and gradually increase over several months.

Cabergoline for Sexual Health

Cabergoline for Sexual Health | Cabergoline for Sexual Health | Cabergoline: Is It Good For Sexual Health?

In men, cabergoline is a potentially effective medication to help manage the symptoms of high prolactin. Its benefits to sexual health include:

Treatment for Male Orgasmic Disorder

Male orgasmic disorder is the constant or frequent absence of orgasm during sexual intercourse. Male orgasmic disorder is caused by several medical conditions, of which one is high levels of prolactin.

According to research, cabergoline is a potential treatment for the male orgasmic disorder and delayed orgasm regardless of the patient’s age or the cause of his orgasmic disorder.

A Complementary Medication for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is the inability to get, or maintain, a firm erection because of physical and psychological factors. ED itself and its underlying organic or psychogenic causes may result in unsatisfactory sex life, low self-esteem, relationship problems, stress, and anxiety.

Together with tadalafil medication, cabergoline has been shown to provide safer and more operative treatment in the treating of patients with psychogenic erectile dysfunction compared to treatment solely using tadalafil.

May Help Increase Testosterone Levels

Testosterone levels in men naturally decrease with time because of factors such as a rise in comorbidities or existing illnesses and the aging population.

Testosterone deficiency in aging men is associated with symptoms such as low sex drive, depression, decreased brain performance, lack of energy, erectile dysfunction, osteoporosis, and loss of muscle mass and strength.

High levels of prolactin decrease testosterone levels in men.

According to a study, long-term treatment with cabergoline has been shown to decrease prolactin levels and significantly increase testosterone levels. In addition, sperm health has also improved in volume, number, rapid progression, and motility after six months of treatment.

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Precautions and Side Effects

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Before taking cabergoline, communicate with your doctor about your health status, including your diet, allergies, medications, and existing medical problems.

Having certain medical conditions such as heart problems, hypertension, lung disease, liver disease, and fibrotic disorders may affect the use of this medicine.

Like any other medications, cabergoline may cause side effects in men such as the following:

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Heartburn
  • Constipation
  • Tiredness
  • Dizziness
  • Burning, numbness, or tingling sensation
  • Decrease in urination
  • Shortness of breath

Tell your doctor immediately if any of these symptoms worsen or persist.

Cabergoline is a medication that helps restore proper levels of prolactin. The normal level of prolactin through cabergoline treatment provides several benefits, including improved sexual health. Ask for the advice of a medical practitioner before taking cabergoline.

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