How To Get More Energy

If you miss the unstoppable energy you enjoyed in your teens and twenties, you’re not alone. Among male survey respondents ages 35 to 60, more than 80% reported a noticeable reduction in their overall energy, enthusiasm, and passion for daily life compared with their younger selves.

And it has given rise to an industry: the shelves of vitamin shops and natural remedy sellers are filled with various ‘cures’ for fatigue and low energy. There’s a new one every day.

But there is very little scientific evidence that most of them do any measurable good.

So what are your options for maintaining a more enthusiastic, engaged outlook and passion for life? There are several! The truth is that our bodies are capable of producing plenty of energy if we take certain steps. We’ve listed some good practices below – some common sense – some possibly unexpected.

There are also some things we can do to stop the unhealthy ways in which our energy is sometimes dissipated uselessly. Stress, drama, and conflict are good examples.

Some of the suggestions, you can do on your own. For the ones that require a chat with a doc, you can now do it by phone from your place and receive your medications in your mailbox. More on that at the end.

Here are ways you can optimize your body’s natural ability to get and stay energized.



Once it reaches a certain level, emotional work is as tiring as physical labor. This means that stress and conflict can literally exhaust you physically. In addition to the mental toll, stress also makes your heart work harder and literally consumes calories. To stabilize the natural energy you have, reduce stress, and walk away from conflict when you can.



If this is too obvious to mention, then why do 70% of American adults report at least occasional difficulty sleeping? You can get away with more when you’re younger, but let’s face it – we are not getting younger. There is a myth that we need less sleep as we age – our mistaken deduction naively based on how much less we sleep. But the truth is that as we age, we need more sleep. The problem is that we begin suffering a reduced ability to sleep. This is why Dad took naps! And you should too. If you have difficulty sleeping, don’t ignore it. This affects your health in more ways than any other single factor.



Low iron is a form of anemia and produces extreme fatigue. Low iron can be caused by vitamin deficiency, intestinal disease, or lack of dietary protein. If your low energy is accompanied by headache, shortness of breath, or a pronounced heartbeat, contact the doctor about your symptoms immediately.



man-stretching-legs-before-workout-outdoors | HOW TO GET MORE ENERGY | EXERCISE,-BREATHE,-SWEAT

Exercising accelerates your heart rate as well as your metabolism and even your imagination with the heightened release of neurotransmitters in the brain. Even after the initial pump wears off, your workout stays with you throughout the day and continues helping you go.



Hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid) is a condition in which the thyroid does not produce enough of certain crucial hormones. This can affect your heart rate, body temperature, and metabolism, all leading to fatigue that can be quite severe. Hypothyroidism can also lower your testosterone levels, creating a second cause of fatigue.



Low testosterone or Low-T is a hidden cause of fatigue. Among men diagnosed with Low-T, more than two-thirds cited low energy or fatigue as one of the reasons they sought treatment. If your low energy is accompanied by diminished sex drive or difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection, ask the doctor about checking for Low-T. Treatment is safe and effective in most men and can be handled by phone.

Low energy is not the new normal. You can feel like yourself again, recapturing your energy through healthy living and targeting healthcare where needed. Get more sleep, more exercise, and less stress. And if you need help with the other suggestions, we are here to help.


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