Opt Health Launches Gender-Inclusive Reproductive Hormone Therapy Coverage in Partnership with Stork Club

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Opt Health and Stork Club, the innovative family-building benefits solution, are pleased to announce the launch of a new gender-inclusive hormone therapy program. The goal of the program is to help people ease through the menopause transition.

Many traditionally associate menopause with women. Thus, many people with ovaries who do not identify as women may feel excluded from conversations and treatments related to menopause. Opt Health and Stork Club aim to change that by offering hormone therapy that is inclusive of all genders and tailored to each individual’s needs.

Hormone therapy will be available through Opt Health’s online platform, which connects patients with physicians who specialize in longevity medicine and hormone health. Patients can schedule a virtual consultation and receive personalized treatment plans that take into account their medical history, symptoms, and goals.

“Opt Health creates individualized programs to optimize health. Our team of doctors increases longevity, helps with weight loss and energy, reverses metabolic disorders, and provides a direct pathway to effective, preventive medical treatments,” said Camilo Isaza, co-founder and chief executive officer of Opt Health. “Family planning is a complex topic riddled with obstacles for many and we have proven methods to ensure health is optimized at all stages of the journey.”

Fem Tech Insider, a leading publication that covers women’s health and technology, covered the launch of the gender-inclusive hormone therapy. You can read the full article here. To learn more about the therapy and how to access it, click here or call (855) 443-8678.

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