Samuel Sarmiento

Dr. Sarmiento, a physician, consultant, and entrepreneur, is dedicated to solving complex healthcare challenges. With a diverse background in surgery, public health, and business, he advocates for a preventive and personalized approach to medicine.

  • Completed internship in general surgery at Mayo Clinic
  • Holds master’s degrees in public health and business from Johns Hopkins University
  • Postdoctoral fellowship in clinical outcomes research at Johns Hopkins Hospital
  • Founder of Juniper Life Sciences, focusing on personalized, precise, and functional medicine solutions
  • Fellowship in medical journalism at NBC News, skilled in science communication
  • Author of numerous academic publications and book chapters
  • Peer reviewer in health economics for the British Medical Journal
  • Polyglot fluent in seven languages, advocate for a holistic approach to health
  • Passionate fitness enthusiast and advocate for overall well-being

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