Penis Health Care: How to Identify & Treat Problems

Reproductive health in men extends far beyond the tried-and-true topics of STI’s (sexually transmitted infections) and E.D. (erectile dysfunction). While these conditions are important (and treatable), there is already a lot of information out there on them. In this article, we go beyond ED and STIs to discuss fundamental penis health, what interferes with it, and how to maintain your health.


What Is Penis Health?

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The health of the penis affects several functions we rely on for elimination, enjoyment, and creating a family. A healthy penis can do three important things we need:

  • Urinate comfortably and cut off the flow of urine at will,
  • Achieve and maintain an erection, and
  • Help deliver sperm during sexual climax.

In addition, the penis should be free of blemishes, lesions, or abnormal discharge, and should be about the same color as the surrounding skin. If you experience any discomfort during urination, difficulty stopping the flow, discoloration, or sexual dysfunction, speak with a doctor as soon as possible. But if you have these basics covered, let’s talk about how to maintain your good health.


How To Keep Healthy

If you’re experiencing good penis health and want to maintain it, there are several things you can do. First, outside of STI’s and acute diseases, think of penis health as being mostly a function of overall health. The normal things you do to maintain healthy heart, circulation, hydration, etc. will all help to support penis health in the long run. Here are some health measures that will help you maintain a healthy penis throughout your lifetime.

  • Stay Hydrated

Hydration is one of the simplest and most important things we can do for our bodies. It affects almost all aspects of our physical health including penis health. Get plenty of water to keep tissues and skin healthy and elastic.

  • Eat a smart and balanced diet

A healthy diet is never a bad idea. But in particular, a low carb high fat (LCHF) diet is your primary defense against obesity, diabetes, and heart disease, all of which can cause erectile dysfunction. Studies have shown that flavonoids (found in vegetables and fruit) reduced the likelihood of developing E.D. In addition, spinach, peppers, and avocados may boost testosterone.

  • Do Pelvic Floor Exercises

While we often think of kegels and other pelvic floor exercises as being for women, men have pelvic floor muscles too – and they help you maintain a healthy sex life. Squats, ‘bridge’ or pelvic thrust exercise, kegels, and ‘split table top’ exercises will all strengthen the muscles that affect sexual and penis health.

  • Eliminate Tobacco

In addition to damaging your fertility, cigarette smoking is also strongly associated with erectile dysfunction. Studies have identified a likely cause as being that smoking disrupts your hearts autonomic function.

  • Get Good Sleep

Your vascular health, which affects your erection, is highly dependent on healthy sleep hygiene. It is long been known that sleep deprivation can lead to low testosterone and other hormone imbalances. While more research is needed, there seems to be a link between sleep apnea and erectile dysfunction.

  • Wash & Check In

Wash your groin area with soap every time you shower and use this time to check in with your penis health. During this time, check your penis for any signs of illness including rashes, blemishes, warts, discharge, or sores. Dry the area well after showering and speak with a doctor about any issues you may find.

If you have questions about sexual health or any of the conditions discussed here, connecting with a doctor in a discrete setting has never been easier.


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