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Military personnel and first responders operate in high-pressure environments and it’s critical they are operating at their best. Over time, these stresses compound on your body which is why Opt Health is the perfect partner for Law Enforcement, First Responders and Military Veterans.

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Whether taking your health and fitness to the next level or recovering from decades of service, our physicians have experience working 1:1 with current law enforcement and retired military members to achieve their health goals. Our process is to understand what has shaped your health, including your unique background, current situation, medical exam results, and goals for the future. Opt Health is your partner in achieving those health goals, and getting you physically and mentally back to where you were while in the service.

It Starts With Professional Testing & Monitoring

Health optimization is achieved through a combination of blood work to understand your health, a personalized treatment plan to get you feeling your best, wearable device integrations & 1:1 physician consultations to monitor and keep you on track.

Opt Health has exclusive relationships with our Military & Law Enforcement organizations. Through these partnerships, former military members as well as first responders will be given discounts as a token of our appreciation for serving the greater community.

30% OFF

Personal Optimization Plan

$171.50/ month

After $97.50 initial lab fee
Non-Servicemen Price $245/mo
$195 initial lab fee

*Proof of service required for discount to be applied. Any DoD issued ID cards (CAC, USID, Etc.) and Law Enforcement/First Responder issued IDs will be accepted.

Discounted Rates For All Military Veterans and First Responders

All plans include access to our world-class team of physicians. As a thank you for your service to our country and communities, we will be offering you 50% off your initial blood labs and consultation as well as 30% off the monthly membership fees.

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Hear from other retired servicemen that changed their lives through the power of Opt Health. Like you, these men have pushed their minds and bodies to the limit, their progress is inspiring and transformational.

Here for your male needs

From testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) to erectile dysfunction, hair loss, peptides, and finding ways to live a longer, more healthy life, Opt Physicians are here to partner with you on your health goals. Once signed up, discuss with your physician what’s covered in your plan

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